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Welcome to WeatherGeek, a collection of websites from WessexWeather, dedicated to weather, climate and amateur radio.  The familiar Wessexweather website remains free to access for now, whilst other websites listed below require registration or are not currently available for public use. My intention is to make this information available to serious professionals and enthusiasts only.  Registration is free of charge via email, and free of advertising.  Happy weather watching, and radio listening!

73 • M7WWX • Simon • WessexWeather

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Independent weather station near Wimborne in Dorset, providing weather information to residents and businesses in Southern England since July 2009.

Live weather data from a Davis Vantage Vue weather station, processed by Meteobridge and presented using Meteotemplate.

myTempest° logo

Co-located Weatherflow Tempest° weather station with ultrasonic anemometer and haptic rain guage.

Live weather data processed by Meteobridge and presented using Meteotemplate and PWS Dashboard.

OpenWebRx logo

Web-based SDR receiver in Dorset, UK.

Airspy HF+ Discovery and YouLoop antenna provides HF reception with an RTL-SDR V3 and Diamond discone antenna providing VHF and UHF reception.

OpenWebRX+ runs 24/7 on a Raspberry Pi 4B and when unattended decodes WEFAX images and feeds decoded digital data to PSKReporter.

QFH antenna

Weather satellite images decoded from NOAA weather satellites passing over the UK. Images decoded using NooElec SMArTee SDR and Diamond QFH antenna, with software running 24/7 on a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Weather FAX images are received from Hamburg and Northwood using OpenWebRX+.

Radiosonde weather ballon

Atmospheric weather data decoded from weather balloons passing over central and southern England.

Data received using a quarter wave ground plane antenna and NooElec SMArTee SDR, and processed with Radiosonde_Auto_Rx on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running 24/7.

Sondehub Tracker logo

Map showing live tracking of radiosonde flights.

Data from balloon flights is collected by various receiving stations shown as green circles throughout the UK. My own station in Southern England is marked as WessexWX (M7WWX).

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