If you’d like to learn a little more about myTempestº then read on… At WessexWeather (formerly SpireWeather) we are passionate about Weather and Climate Change. We have been recording the weather using a variety of Personal Weather Stations (PWS) for many years now. There is something exciting about recording random weather data and presenting it using graphs and graphics. You never know what you are going to get and with Climate Change records are being broken with increasing frequency!

Tempestº Weather System

Some PWSs are cheap but inaccurate whilst others are accurate but expensive to buy and maintain. We have always used Davis equipment for accuracy but also employ supplementary Netatmo sensors for simplicity. For years we have been looking for the ‘Holy Grail’ of weather stations and WeatherFlow’s new Tempestº Weather System combines the best of both worlds: Quality, simplicity and accuracy. Anyone with the slightest interest in weather and climate should install one! The team of meteorologists at WeatherFlow have worked hard to produce a stylish, well-built system that takes just a few minutes to install. One of its strengths is having no moving parts to fail or replace so it is very easy to maintain.

WeatherFlow will collect your data, analyse it for accuracy and refine it using data from professional weather stations and global weather models. As a result your Tempestº can help to produce some of the most accurate weather forecasts available. Having said that your raw data is yours to do with as you please and we will talk more about this in a future blog. The WeatherFlow Team is the icing on the cake, offering outstanding customer service and support. This support is backed up with an active Community Forum.

Tempest Weather Station

What’s next for myTempestº?

Our aim is to help you to understand your Tempestº and use your data to explore other exciting projects. These include producing your own beautiful websites; mobile screen widgets; and sending your data to third party weather networks such as Weather Underground, the UK MetOffice and PWS Weather.

Follow our blog and we will help you build your own exciting projects. You can also learn more about myTempestº on Facebook and Twitter.