Is Spring becoming warmer and drier in the UK?

Introduction Is Spring becoming warmer and drier in the UK? Just a year ago, as the first Lockdown began, the UK was basking in the sunniest and warmest April on record, which was also very dry until the final three days. This was followed by one of the driest, sunniest and warmest Mays on record. … Read more

Six Tempestº Projects to get you Started

Now that you have your Tempestº up and running, you may be wondering if there are any projects you can do with your purchase. Well, this is where myTempestº comes in, so welcome! In this introductory blog we will briefly outline some of the exciting Tempestº projects you can do with your shiny new weather … Read more

Getting Started with Tempest°

You certainly won’t need much help getting started with the Tempestº weather station, as WeatherFlow have this well covered. They also have a wonderful support team if you run into problems. We have linked to the Tempest° Community Forum above, and included a few support documents. However we’ll be more than happy to help with … Read more