Getting Started with Tempest°

You certainly won’t need much help getting started with the Tempestº weather station, as WeatherFlow have this well covered. They also have a wonderful support team if you run into problems. We have linked to the Tempest° Community Forum above, and included a few support documents. However we’ll be more than happy to help with any setup questions you might have.

Welcome to the Tempestº Weather System

If you’re here you may already be the proud owner of one of the most exciting weather stations to reach the market in recent years. If not, you’re almost certainly a Weather Geek like us, or perhaps running a weather-dependent business or school project. Maybe like many people you’ve set your heart on a Tempest° Weather System and are eagerly awaiting its UK and EU launch. Whichever category you fall into, welcome to myTempest°!

Watch this simple unboxing and setup video to whet your appetite…

Setting up your Tempestº weather station

We were lucky to get our hands on a UK-spec evaluation model in January 2021. It arrived quickly from the US in spite of new Brexit regulations, beautifully packaged with a UK plug and encouraging “Happy? Share the joy.” card inside.

  • Unboxing the Tempestº weather station
  • Unboxing the Tempestº weather station
  • Unboxing the Tempestº weather station
  • Setting up the Tempestº weather station
  • Setting up the Tempestº weather station

In true WeatherFlow style, the 5-minute setup was a breeze. We moved our Tempestº outside to acclimatise for an hour before setup to improve the accuracy of early readings. However if you prefer, you can easily delete any erroneous data from within the app after setup once everything has settled down. Once you’ve downloaded the Tempestº App, it walks you through the setup process of connecting your Hub to your WiFi network. You are then ready to mount your Tempestº outside, either on a flat wooden surface using the supplied screw, a standard tripod mount or a sturdy pole. WeatherFlow also provide an online Owner’s Manual and siting guidelines.

Within a few minutes our Tempestº was happily sending data to the app, which displays more than enough data to keep most people happy. On opening the app you will see a summary of the current weather data being received; sunrise and sunset times; and detailed Hourly and 10 Day Forecasts. One of the strong points about the Tempest° AI is that these forecasts will become more accurate over time – more about this in a future blog. Delving deeper you can view live data as it comes in; historical graphs; summary data for every day since you installed your Tempestº; a map showing other Tempestº stations nearby (and there are a surprising number!); and settings relating to your Tempestº and app. It’s a well designed app and being improved and developed on a regular basis.

  • Screenshot from Tempestº app
  • Forecast from Tempestº app
  • Data from Tempestº app
  • Graphs from Tempestº app
  • History from Tempestº app
  • Settings from Tempestº app
  • Tempestº station map

Further Tempestº Projects

Once you’re up and running, we will help you to do more with your Tempest°. These projects will include uploading your data to third party weather networks such as Weather Underground, PWS Weather and Met Office WOW; creating beautiful websites; building a mobile screen widget; integrating your Tempestº into your smart home; and much more. The possibilities are almost endless!

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed our guide to getting started with the Tempestº weather station. Find out more about myTempest° and please follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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